Welcome to the Kauffman Global Scholars Program

The Global Scholars program gives select young engineering, science, and technology scholars from other countries the opportunity to study entrepreneurship in America. For six months, Kauffman Global Scholars study, exchange ideas, and work with U.S. entrepreneurial experts. The groundbreaking program offers aspiring entrepreneurs:

  • Direct access to American researchers, business founders, and policymakers who give scholars the insights to foster entrepreneurship in their own countries and to transform their entrepreneurial dreams into reality.
  • Mentors who individually guide and coach each Scholar throughout the course of the six-month program.
  • Visits to leading American universities to exchange ideas with faculty, students, and those engaged in innovative, entrepreneurial work.
  • Three-month entrepreneurship internships at innovative entrepreneurial companies. Here, the Scholars experience the real-life challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship and, in turn, share their skills and talents with the mentoring companies.