Meet the 2009 Scholars and Faculty

2009 Global Scholars

Steven Abbott holds a Ph.D. in Phono Arthometry from Anglia Ruskin University. He also has a MSc in Oceanography and a BSc in Geology. Steven has created phono arthrometry technology he hopes to commercialize. Steven has experience in the management of a non-profit organization but is eager to develop his business skills in the for-profit sector. He is interested in gaining exposure to the process of managing multiple parallel research projects. He is particularly interested in medical technologies, artificial intelligence, and robotics.

John Agerholm is a MSc candidate in International Business at Aarhus University in Denmark. He holds a BSc in Business Administration and Economics from Aarhus. John and his collaborators are developing and commercializing a new way to diagnose infectious diseases which is easy to use and extremely accurate. John has won several entrepreneurial prizes, including "best analytics" at the Rice University Business Plan Competition, the 2008 Bangkok Business Challenge, the 2008 Venture Cup in Denmark, and was a finalist in the UC Berkeley Business Plan Competition. John is eager to contribute his skills and welcomes the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the challenges facing entrepreneurs and how they cope with these challenges. He would like to work closely with a CEO, and explore projects related to marketing, raising capital, and business research.

Lyndsey Bond is a MDes candidate in Design Communication at the University of Ulster. She holds a BSc (honours) in Technology and Design 1st class with a diploma in Industrial Studies. Experienced in the first stages of product design Lyndsey is interested in learning about the process involved in taking a product through production to market. She is currently developing a novel product range to be used with primary schools to aid the teaching and learning of emotional health and well-being.

Fran Conrad earned a MSc in Sustainable Product Design from Bournemouth University where she also earned a BS (hons) in Product Design. She has commercialized her final year project -- a quick pitch tent -- in collaboration with her university and Gelert Ltd. She is currently working on several other projects that focus on design and engineering with sustainability at their core.

Robin Dodwell holds a BSc in Product Design and Innovation from Portsmouth University. An accomplished designer, Robin is eager to learn more about the design process, and to expand his understanding of finance and marketing. He has created a concept product, based around a backpack. He is eager to learn from an innovative company and to contribute his skills.

Martin Hansen is a MSc Finance candidate at the University of Aarhus, Denmark and Ph.D. student in Business Risk. He holds a BSc in Business Administration and Economics. Together with a business partner and several scientists he is developing and marketing a novel diagnostic for infectious diseases. He is interested in exploring the day to day management of a start up company and in understanding the complexity of venture capital funding.

Daniel Hulme is a Ph.D. candidate in Computational Complexity at the University College of London. He holds a MSc in Computer Science with Cognitive Science 1st Class Honours. Daniel is the founder of npComplete which will provide a superior algorithmic service for software tools solving critical optimization problems. He is interested in learning about how high-tech organizations manage research and development and cultivate an innovative and creative environment. He is interested in better understanding business strategy and innovation, and the factors that contribute to selecting the right team.

Peter Johnson is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Fluid Mechanics at the University College of London where he earned a MEng in Mechanical Engineering (first class honours) with coursework also at Columbia University. Peter has created a novel tidal stream turbine that offers high efficiency and reliability and low capital costs. Peter is eager to understand how ideas become products and move to market. He is also interested in observing how large scale engineering projects are managed, in light of the funding requirements and time scales to profitability.

Jonathan Lloyd holds a BSc (first class honours) in Computer Animation from Portsmouth University. He currently leads Falling Pixel Ltd., the largest European online 3D asset marketplace and custom 3D request site. As he develops as a 3D artist, Jonathan is interested in expanding his understanding of global business, advertising, and marketing. He is eager to obtain the skills necessary to develop and enlarge his business.

Richard Mairs holds a MSc in Multimedia Applications and a BA (hons) in Creative Visualization from the University of Teesside. He is interested in better understanding the processes involved in the day to day operations of a business, including team management. He is passionate about technology and games and seeks to create a multimedia studio that uses innovations in technology and visual media to encourage creativity and learning.

George Mills holds a MEng in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bristol. He has created a pannier bag that holds a suit and laptop for cycling commuters and is particularly interested in the sporting goods market. He is eager to gain a perspective on how small companies innovate and do business. He has a great appreciation for clever engineering and is eager to work with a company that creates great products from good ideas.

Shauna Ward holds a BDes in Design and Communication First Class Hons from the University of Ulster, Magee. An innovative designer, she is developing a reading aid for the blind and visually impaired. While she develops her product further, she seeks to develop the business skills she will need to bring her product successfully to market.

Thomas Whitfield is a DPhil candidate in Biochemistry at Oxford University. Already a successful young entrepreneur, Thomas was the founder of, which has received funding in excess of 1 million GBP. His newest venture is a revolutionizing hair loss treatment incorporating innovative biochemical technology. A scientist by training, Thomas is eager to hone his knowledge of business, particularly finance and law. He is most interested in learning from a venture capital firm, particularly in understanding how they evaluate and support high risk start ups.

2009 Global Faculty Visitors

Chairy, a lecturer at Tarumanagara University, holds a Ph.D. in Management as well as a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering. He teaches entrepreneurship in the Faculty of Economics and is interested in developing entrepreneurship courses at his university. He manages his own business which deals with fresh water tropical fish.

Lenny Gunawan, a lecturer in the International Business Faculty at Ciputra University, holds a Masters degree in Business Accounting from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. She currently teaches courses in entrepreneurship and accounting at Ciputra University. She is developing the entrepreneurship program.

Johan Hasan holds a BS in Computer Engineering and a Masters in Philosophy. He heads the Technology and Cooperative Development at Ciputra University and teaches information technology and ethics for entrepreneurs. He developed the ethics materials that are embedded in the university's core entrepreneurship courses, and has written with fellow Global Faculty visitor, Roy, about technology entrepreneurs. He has an interest in social entrepreneurship and open source business.

Astrid Kusumowidagdo is a lecturer in the Interior Design Department at Ciputra University. She has a Master's degree in Management from Airlangga University. She teaches entrepreneurship, interior design, and building science. She contributes a weekly interior design article to the Surabaya Post newspaper and is chief editor of Rumahku Magazine.

Trianggoro (Roy) Wiradinata heads Ciputra University's School of Information Technology. He holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from Australia's University of New South Wales and a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from Petra Christian University. He has worked as a software analyst and designer and currently teaches entrepreneurship and introduction to management.