Related Research

Over the past decade, the Kauffman Foundation has funded and authored a large literature of research about the importance of entrepreneurs to the U.S. economy, and economies around the world. The policy works outlined below represent a collection of our most recent research, which has largely focused on the U.S. economy. These recommendations are representative of the flavor of policies we aim to develop for an international audience.

Startup Act

The Startup Act is a narrowly targeted, but comprehensive bill aimed at jump-starting the U.S. economy through more successful startups. This slate of policy recommendations aimed at assisting startups and high-growth companies is distilled from years of accumulated knowledge and research on firm growth, immigration, and government regulation.


Rules for Growth

The Kauffman Foundation convened a number of America’s leading legal scholars and social scientists during the summer of 2010 to present and discuss their ideas for changing legal rules and policies to promote innovation and accelerate U.S. economic growth. This meeting led to the publication of Rules for Growth: Promoting Innovation and Growth Through Legal Reform, a comprehensive and groundbreaking volume of essays prescribing a new set of growth-promoting policies for policymakers, legal scholars, economists, and business men and women.


Kauffman Foundation Research Series on Firm Formation and Economic Growth

This research series, currently consisting of nine reports, explores the relationship between firm formation and economic growth in the United States. These reports evidence the hugely important role that young firms and thusly entrepreneurs play in the U.S. economy: young firms are largely responsible for the churning of jobs, and without a new cohort of startups each year, job growth in the United States would be negative.