Kauffman Labs Education Ventures Program Elements

Participants in the Kauffman Labs Education Ventures Program will receive education, mentoring, and real-world experiences to increase their potential to successfully found a company. The following elements comprise the program:

Key advisors/mentors

In addition to sharing their specific expertise, advisors and mentors will open up their networks to the Education Ventures founders. Founders will work one-on-one with:

  • Business mentors who are experienced in venture capital and angel investment, serial entrepreneurship, or a leadership role in an existing company (such as a vice president of R&D or vice president of business development)
  • Immersion advisors who host founders during a two-month immersion period at a business or other organization will guide the entrepreneurs’ work so that the founders build skills and abilities to start and run high-growth businesses in the education market

Educational objectives

Education Ventures founders will learn how to evaluate early-stage ideas for commercial potential and the economics of a viable startup organization. The program teaches entrepreneurship in an applied, practical manner that is operational in nature and focuses on planning for scalable growth. Participants will meet several entrepreneurs and other distinguished leaders and guest faculty during the program and will learn the fundamental skills around starting and running a company.

Kauffman Labs will arrange for each founder (or team) to have an internship or immersion experience during the program. These experiences will be customized around each entrepreneur’s (or team’s) interests, objectives, and regional resources and may take place at a venture capital firm, a startup or large company, or other organization as appropriate. Internships will vary in duration as appropriate to each situation, but all will provide the founder with real-world business experiences and increased understanding of the venture’s customers and end-users.

Program Structure

Kauffman Labs Education Ventures Program consists of two phases:

Finalists Bootcamp. Kauffman Labs will invite the top twenty to twenty-five business concepts—and the applicants associated with them (an estimated twenty-five to forty-five individuals/teams)—to participate in a Bootcamp (a seven- to ten-day workshop in early November 2010) at Kauffman Labs in Kansas City, Mo. Travel to/from Kansas City and accommodations will be covered by Kauffman Labs. We understand that many Bootcamp participants will use vacation time or take time without pay to attend the Bootcamp; therefore, a stipend will be provided. Note: participation in the entire Bootcamp is required for consideration of the full program.

Venture Founders Training. At the end of the Bootcamp, Kauffman Labs will select the top ten to twelve business concepts—and the participants associated with them (approximately fifteen to twenty-five individuals/teams)—to participate in the formal Education Ventures Program, which will last through May 2011. The training phase consists of the following sessions:

  Session 1: Market Validation, Defining the Company
4 weeks
Mid-February 2011 to Mid-March 2011
Kauffman Labs, Kansas City, Missouri
  Session 2: Immersion
8 weeks
Mid-March 2011 to Mid-May 2011
Location as determined by entrepreneur and company needs
  Session 3: Launch and Execution
3 to 4 weeks
May 2011 to June 2011
Kauffman Labs, Kansas City, Missouri

Travel to/from Kansas City and Immersion session, as well as accommodations will be covered by Kauffman Labs.

For more information, contact us at info@kauffmanlabs.org.