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Your references should be able to speak to your entrepreneurial potential and experiences, and describe your innovative and intellectual ability and your integrity, including communication and interpersonal skills.

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Essay Section
1. Briefly describe your business idea/scientific innovation and the associated business model. Be sure to keep your description non-confidential. For example, do not disclose potentially patentable information about your research. (up to 500 words)
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2. Please describe what you see as the biggest challenges to commercialize your idea as it relates to the technology or approach.
5. When do you plan working full-time on your venture if not already?

General Terms and Conditions

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2. The Kauffman Foundation in its sole and exclusive discretion may reject any or all applications with or without notice or reasons, withdraw this CfA at any time before or after delivery of submissions, or if no application is accepted, abandon the call for applications.

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4. What needs you have in terms of knowledge/education to successfully execute on your vision?
3. Please list activities including types of people you have engaged to further develop your ideas. This could include blog memberships, business competitions, fundraising, investigation of licensing rights, potential customer discussions, etc. (up to 500 words)