Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for the Kauffman Postdoctoral Fellowship?
All applications must be submitted through our online application. No paper applications will be accepted.

Does the candidate need to have a Ph.D. or M.D.?
Yes. The candidate must have received either a Ph.D or M.D. and be in a postdoctoral research position by the start of the Fellowship (fall 2009) to be eligible. Recent doctoral degree (less than one year) recipients may be less competitive. We encourage candidates who have at least one year of postdoctoral research experience to apply.

Are postdocs in postdoctoral positions at universities outside of the U.S. eligible for this fellowship?
No. Only postdoctoral researchers (U.S. citizens, residents, and all others legally in the U.S.) at U.S. institutions are eligible.

Will the Kauffman Foundation sponsor my visa?
No. Visa sponsorship should be arranged through the candidate’s institution.

What is the Kauffman Postdoctoral Fellowship award?
Each Fellow will receive a salary stipend and benefits for a one-year period, beginning with the program launch in fall 2009. Compensation will be based on the Postdoctoral Researcher Salary Guidelines and benefits policies of the Fellow’s home institution. Upon approval, the Fellow will also receive a travel and conference stipend to attend a business or entrepreneurship conference.

Does the award include overhead or indirect costs for the applicant’s institution?
No. Kauffman Foundation policy does not permit funding overhead or indirect costs.

Are there limits to how the Fellowship award may be utilized?
Yes. Fellowship funding cannot be used to support the work of graduate students and/or research assistants, as well as other activities directly related to the Fellows' academic research.

What if I want to include confidential information in my application?
Don’t. Under no circumstances should you submit any confidential information as part of your application. When answering questions related to your research, for research that has not been published or patented, use non-confidential language. Your institution’s technology transfer/licensing office can advise you more specifically.

Who will select the Fellows?
The Kauffman Foundation has assembled a distinguished group of advisors who have a range of entrepreneurial expertise and experiences across industry sectors and academic disciplines, who are doctoral degree recipients and have been/are founders and entrepreneurs.

How will applicants be notified?
Applicants selected as finalists will be notified of their status in June. Finalist candidates will travel to the Kauffman Foundation for a day of interviews in July. The Foundation will cover the costs of travel and accommodations. Offer letters will be sent to the top 12 finalists late July/early August, and finalists ranked 13 through 16 will be notified of their waitlist status. The final 12 Kauffman Postdoctoral Fellows will attend a four- to five-day kick-off event at the Foundation in the fall. The Kauffman Postdoctoral Fellowship Web page will be updated as various dates are determined.

Any other questions, concerns or problems?
or call: 816-932-1074