Fellowship Program Elements

The Kauffman Postdoctoral Fellows will receive education, mentoring, and real-world experiences to increase their potential to successfully found a company. The following elements comprise the year-long program:

  • Key advisors/mentors. In addition to their specific expertise, the advisors and mentors will open up their networks to the postdoc Fellow:
    • Academic advisor—mentors the Fellow on matters beyond research efforts, such as translational research, entrepreneurship, navigating the university, licensing, industry consulting, intellectual property, and other policies required to take a technology forward.
    • Business mentor—an experienced business person, either in venture capital, angel investor, serial entrepreneur, or leadership role in an existing company (such as a vice president of R&D or vice president of business development).

  • Educational objectives. Using research from their particular field, Fellows will learn how to evaluate early-stage ideas for commercial potential and how to determine viable commercialization pathways. Fellows will meet several entrepreneurs and other distinguished faculty during the year and will learn the fundamental skills around starting and running a company.
    • Entrepreneurship is a multi-disciplinary endeavor, and each Fellow will be required to leverage resources outside his or her home department and academic institution. The Fellow will engage in resources such as courses and programs in the business school or the law school and events in the community such as special interest networking groups and entrepreneurship workshops.
    • The Foundation will arrange for each Fellow to have an industry internship experience during the Fellowship year. Internships will be customized around each Fellow’s interests, objectives, and regional resources and may occur at a venture capital firm, a startup or large company, or other organization as appropriate. Internships will vary in duration as appropriate to each situation, but all will provide the Fellow with real-world business experiences.

For more information, contact us at postdocs@kauffman.org.